Trees, Please!

Trees, Please! is a Crown Point action in partnership with the Hamilton Naturalists’ Club to bring more trees to the Crown Point neighbourhood in the spring of 2015.

Hamilton Naturalists’ Club has been protecting natural areas and forests in Hamilton since 1919. Now we want to help homeowners plant a tree to help nature where we need it most – in your neighbourhood!

Help us plant more Trees, Please!

If you live in the Crown Point neighbourhood and would like to be part of the Trees, Please program, you can:

Complete the application form, email us: or call Jen Baker at 905-524-3339. We will be accepting applications for trees until April 1, 2015.

A free tree, really? What’s the catch?

Yes, it is all free. Your tree is free, a backyard consultation is free, and a full tree planting service is free too!

Trees around our homes provide so many benefits to the City, our neighborhoods and to our health and well being that we want to help you plant a tree that will grow and thrive into the future. Trees filter pollutants from our air, keep us cool in the summer, reduce pressure on our storm-water management systems, make urban residents healthier, provide habitat for other species and enhance biodiversity in our City!

Thanks to support from our funders, including the Metcalf Foundation, the Helen McCrea Peackcock Foundation, and the McCallum, McBride Fund of the Hamilton Community Foundation, the HNC has created a program to help homeowners in Crown Point to plant the ‘right tree in the right place’.

The only ‘catch’ is that the HNC wants to make sure that your site is suitable and that the tree will be cared for with regular watering and TLC!

We also want you to share your tree planting story and photos of your tree’s progress with us so that you can inspire other Hamilton residents to plant trees and care about growing and protecting our urban forest.

So how does this work?

  1. If you’d like to participate in this program, first please check our minimum space requirements below. Your proposed planting site should meet the following requirements:
Site Conditions Shrubs Trees
Area of soft surface required 3′ x 3′ 15′ x 15′ (large trees)10′ x 10′ (small trees)
Distance from fence/property line 3′ 3′
Distance from hard surfaces (deck/paving) 3′ 5′
Distance from buildings with foundations 3′ 8′
Distance from existing trees 6′ 15′
Overhead wires not an issue avoid
Raised beds or container planting not recommended never
  1. If your proposed planting site meets the minimum requirements, complete the form below or contact us via email or by phone. We’d also like to ‘see’ the location where you’d like a tree planted. Please snap a digital photo of your proposed planting site and send it to us via email with your name and address. If you can’t send us a photo, contact us and we’ll make other arrangements.
  2. HNC staff will determine if your planting site is suitable and if it is, we will schedule a spring site consultation. You’ll need to be available for a two-hour window for this visit (usually on a weekday). During this visit, we’ll confirm site suitability, help you select a tree for your site from our arborist-approved list of trees or shrubs, and stake the tree planting location. We can also help you identify any ash trees located on your property that may be susceptible to attack by Emerald Ash Borer. If you do not own the property you should have the property owner present for the site consultation, or provide a letter of permission signed by the property owner.
  3. We will order an ON1Call visit to locate underground lines before we schedule tree planting on your property.
  4. We will be planting your tree sometime in April 2015 with a crew of volunteers. We’ll let you know when your tree planting date is confirmed, and our crew will need access to your backyard for that day. We will dig the hole, plant the tree, mulch and stake your tree as required and leave you with some tree care information. Please note, we cannot plant in a yard where major landscaping or construction is underway or planned in the near future, as this may damage your new tree.
  5. Please water and enjoy your tree!
  6. Send us photos or stories about your tree and be sure to use Facebook & Twitter to share how you much you love your new tree!
  7. Contact us if you’d like us to come back and check up on your tree or if you have any questions.

If you would like to request a free tree and backyard site consultation please complete and submit this form. HNC never shares your contact information with any other parties without your permission. Your personal information entered in this form goes to and is used only by HNC staff in order to process your order and to improve our program.

Please note that the City of Hamilton’s Street Tree Program is available for homeowners who wish to have a free tree planted in the City-owned portion of their property. More information and an application form for this program are found here:

You can find even more information on the many benefits of urban trees in this Fact Sheet.