Property Elves

With the recession hanging on, it is hard to keep up with all of the jobs that a house or apartment demands. That is why the Property Elves program exists: to organize volunteers to help residents and businesses do exterior maintenance such as gardening, painting, repairs and cleaning. Elves offer up to $200 to pay for materials at each project. We are your neighbours, helping your neighbours! So, if you know a senior why needs help with weeding, or a family that struggles to pay for repairs on their front porch, contact us at 905-547-1759 or And if you want to help, our wish list currently includes:

  • a need for volunteers
  • Canadian Tire money
  • skilled tradespeople (carpenters, masons, painters especially)
  • paint brushes
  • paint rollers
  • mulch
  • cold drinks, snacks for elves