New Hope Community Bikes

New Hope Community Bikes Update July 2014

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 The New Hope Bike Co-op is a social enterprise that functions as a non-profit. It seeks to be a positive outreach to the community in Crown Point and beyond and as such has been endorsed by the Crown Point Community Planning Team.  The New Hope Bike Co-op helps people fix their own bikes, provides low cost parts and refurbished bicycles, free use of tools, promotion of environmentally friendly transportation, and training and employment opportunities for youth. The Co-op is funded through the support of its members and organizations such as Mountain Equipment Co-op, Service Canada, and the Hamilton Community Foundation and is a community project of New Hope Church.

New Hope Bikes FAQs

When I buy bike parts where does the money go? Parts and repair costs at the co-op are discounted compared to other local bike shops because we are a non-profit.  Money spent for repairs and parts covers the cost of parts and helps to offset the costs of tools, wages, utilities, and lease payments.  Money spent at the co-op goes back into the community and the bike co-op budget.

How come there isn’t always a free way to fix my bike? The Co-op orders parts from a cycling distributor. These parts have a set cost. If price is an issue, staff is more than willing to negotiate volunteer time for a reduced cost.

Why are some of your bikes so expensive? New Hope Bikes provides bikes at all price points to serve our diverse membership.  Bikes start at $10.00 for kids bikes and $35.00 for adults bikes. Beyond this price point, co-op staff and volunteers build and refurbish bikes to meet individual needs.  If you have a specific specification such as size, style, accessory (eg. basket or trailer) or price point, talk to the staff and they can make something work for you.

How do I find out more? If you are interested in becoming a member of New Hope Bikes or just have questions about how the social enterprise works, drop by our shop at 1418 Main St. E, just east of Kenilworth Ave. Staff will be glad to talk to you about how the co-op works and how you can be involved.