Ray Mulholland – Pubic Ward 4

Thank you for being interested in public education.


During the infant years of Rosedale Elementary school I was not only a member of the Rosedale Home and School Association, I was fortunate to be on the executive.  I was also an executive member of the Rosedale community council, serving under President Archie Altobelli.  I was also involved in the writing of the first constitution of the council.  In the larger community setting I was engaged in coaching children in sports.


My past experience as a participating member of community activities along with my experience as an elected member on the Hamilton Wentworth District School Board for 41 years describes my dedication to both education and community.

Tradition describes me as a true East Ender.  I was born,raised and educated in Ward 4, East end.  I attended W. H. Ballard Elementary school and I am a Delta Secondary Grad.  My partner in life,Violet, also attended Ballard and Delta. Our son and daughter attended Rosedale and Viscount Montgomery Elementary schools and Glendale Secondary.  Our Granddaughters also attended Ballard, Delta and Sir Winston Churchill schools.


I HAVE FOREMENTIONED MY EXPERIENCE:  Regarding my Ward 4 awareness I have been actively engaged in the community through my trusteeship.  Also as a lifetime resident of East Hamilton I have not only been a witness to changes in our Ward 4, I have been deeply involved in change, and with God willing I will continue to so.


My dedication to the children and adult residents of our Ward 4 is a solemn commitment of my loyalty to serve wherever and whenever the need arises.


As Chair of the HWDSB at the time of Sage being introduced at Strathcona school I was fortunate to visit the program and was always amazed at the enthusiastic school climate.  I am a supporter of the Sage program and would support a recommendation to expand the program into Ward 4.


In the past head lice was a constant concern in Ward 4.  The Board’s program though not in the beginning very successful, the evolution has helped.  The volunteers have accomplished much over the past few years.  I would not like to give the impression their time and effort has not been appreciated.  However one must have an open mind and listen to alternative solutions.


Ray Mulholland