Small Project Grants

Small Project Grants are available through the Hub thanks to funding from the Hamilton Community Foundation. This funding is not for organizations or for just one person; it is for groups of people working together on projects.

Through these grants we strive to achieve two main goals:

  • Support resident-led initiatives in the neighbourhood.
  • Foster decision-making at a local level – we decide together what we want to support.


Decision-making is a key part of the changes that we are trying to make together in the neighbourhood, so it is done at regularly scheduled Planning Team Meetings. Consequently, it takes a fair bit of time. If we make those decisions between meetings or behind the scenes then we aren’t really creating the foundation that will help to change our social-economic systems.

In a volunteer environment where people are juggling other commitments such as work, family, church, other projects, it can sometimes take two weeks just to find a time to get together. You can help streamline the process by planning ahead.

Here is a MINIMUM timeline. If you can plan even further ahead, then you’ll know well in advance if you’ve received the funding which will help you with your planning.

10 weeks ahead: Talk to your Community Developer to see if your project is appropriate for the Small Project Grant. Get together to write an application if you’d like help.

8 weeks ahead: Project is discussed at Planning Team Meeting

6 weeks ahead: Grant application is reviewed by Small Grant Review Team.

4 weeks ahead: *Grant application is presented to Planning Team Meeting for approval.

4 weeks ahead: Request a cheque (It can take up to 3 weeks.)

1 week ahead: Pick up the Cheque

Start Day: Your Event/Activity

After project:

  • Present Final Report at next Planning Team Meeting
  • Return receipts and/or change to Treasurer
  • Send photos to website or upload to Facebook group

*If you want to be able to promote your event in the community newspaper, you’ll need to plan even further ahead so that your funding is approved before the publication deadline, usually every two months.